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Name: JR

Born: 21/04/07

Sex: Gelding

Height: 18.1 HH

Sire: Primrose Hill Tom

Dam: Dyfed Countess

“Dyfed JR”

Hello my adoring fans! As you must know, I am JR. I am everybody's favourite horse on the farm, well, I like to think so anyway. I love living on the farm, every day I get to meet somebody new and have lots of cuddles (my favourite thing).

I always get lots of scratches behind my ears (also my favourite thing).

Oh, and the “man who pays the bills” says I am a good show horse, which is fantastic news as showing is definitely my favourite thing. I get to be bathed, brushed, plaited, pampered and spoilt rotten! Not to mention all the extra treats and food, all of which are my favourite!

There is one problem, the “girl who feeds us” says I am fat! So I have been put on a diet of exercise and work. NOT my favourite thing!

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