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“Dyfed St Helena”

Name: Santes

Born: 04/07/08

Sex: Mare

Height: 16.2 HH

Sire: Clarach Aristocrat Lad

Dam: Dyfed Countess

Hello, I am Santes. I am little sister to JR and Celt, I am so proud of my big brother and I enjoy watching him on Parade! I like to think that I am just as important as he is! I have been on Parade too! At a local show called Barley Saturday. Also, I am very clever and can pull a carriage, this means I am the centre of attention. Perfect! Especially when I can take part in a wedding and look nearly as beautiful as the bride!

I enjoy working and I always try to be on my best behaviour, but sometimes I like to think I know better than my driver, and we do sometimes disagree!

But for this year, I am having time off from work to have my very first foal! I am very excited, and a little nervous. He/She is due July 8th. If you want to make a name suggestion click here for a raffle ticket

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