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“Dyfed Willa Rose”

Name: Willa Rose

Born: 10/05/13

Sex: Mare

Height: est. 18.2 HH

Sire: Dyfed JR

Dam: Metheringham Upton Pansy

Hi, I‘m Willa Rose. How embarrassing having my baby photos on display!

I will be 3 years old this May, which means I am about 14 years old in human years. So, yes. I can be a stroppy teenager! But I am also at the perfect age to learn lots of neat tricks.

So far I have learnt how to be dressed up in all my harness (so last season!) and I have been pulling around a few logs and tyres to get the feel of the collar pushing on my chest! Recently, I have been learning about “shafts” which means I will soon be pulling a cart! How clever am I?

Lets hope you can come visit, and maybe see me in action!

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