Dyfed Shire Horse Farm


Dyfed Grey Celt               Known as Major Mercury

Name: Celt

Born: 10/05/2005

Sex: Gelding

Height: 17.2 HH


Dam: Dyfed Countess

Dyfed Grey Celt was born on the farm, he was 17 days early and was so small he was carried into the stable! Some said he looked more like a donkey than a shire, so was nicknamed ‘Shonkey’.

Celt had a very quiet and amicable nature, and was shown at a few local shows as a young horse.

When we heard news that the Household Cavalry Mounted regiment (HCMR) were looking for Drumhorses, Celt was immediately considered. The requirements were that the Horse was to be of heavy type, a distinct colour to stand out from the bulk of the cavalry and they also needed long, strong backs to be able to carry the specially made saddle to carry the drums and soldier in full ceremonial outfit.

Our Dyfed Shire Horse farm had a visit from the HCMR and gave Celt a thorough assessment. They concluded that he was in perfect health, the right appearance, excellent temperament and although only 3 yrs old and still growing, his back was long enough for the saddle.

In October 2008 Celt left the farm and moved to the Hyde Park barracks in London.

He underwent 18 month intensive training to become a drumhorse and passed out at just 5 years old.

Each year Celt is involved in a huge variety of performances and official functions, including State visits, Trooping of the Colour and the Musical Ride at Horse of the Year show (HOYS).

Each Drumhorse to pass training is given an official Rank and title. So our little ‘Shonkey’ Celt is now known as ‘Major Mercury’ and we couldn’t be more proud!!

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