Drum Horses

Our Shire Horses who have gone to become drum horses.

Name: Dyfed Grey Celt

Born: 10/05/2005

Sex: Gelding

Height: 17.2 HH

Sire: Springbank Storm

Dam: Dyfed Countess

Name: Caerberllan Joseph

Born: 2010 

Sex: Gelding

Height: 18hh

Sire: Silverhills Joseph

Dam: Caerberllan Rosette the 2nd

Name: Dyfed JR

Born: 2007

Sex: Gelding

Height: 18.1hh

Sire: Primrose Hill Tom

Dam: Dyfed Countess

Celt was born on the farm, the first foal in 11 years. At 3 years old he was sold to the British Household Cavalry, and by 5 years old he had passed training to become a drum horse and was the youngest horse to ever do so.

He is now known as Major Mercury, as the Queen renames every horse once he has passed training.

Mercury is used in events such as Trooping the colour and Horse of the year show and also State visits.

We hope to receive Celt back home once he has retired from duty.

Joe was born in North Wales, where his mother died suddenly when he was just 2 months old. He was bottle fed from then. 

At 6 months old he was purchased by the farms Yard manager, Claire. Joe turned out to be a handful, as he was bottle fed, he had no fear of people. At 4 years old he proved to be a good working horse. He took up his role on the farm, pulling visitors in the cart.

He was reluctantly sold, along with his best buddy JR in February 2017. They were flown out to Oman to become Drum horses for the Royal Cavalry.

He has since performed in the Edinburgh tattoo and other events. 

JR is a younger brother to Celt, and it is because of this link that the sale of Joe and JR came about.

JR was originally kept as a registered stallion until he was 5 yeras old. We still have his daughter, Willa-rose on the farm. 

Once he was gelded, it was time JR earned his keep. He was broken in to ride and pull the carriage, but he could be a Princess at times and was found to be lazy in everything he did. Even refusing to pull the carriage if it had more than one person in it.

Thankfully the Royal Cavalry of Oman still wanted him! And he was flown out with Joe. His training to be a drum horse is still under way, so watch this space!