Sedgemoor Bosleys Pride

Name: Ed

Born: 08/05/2014

Sex: Gelding

Height: est. 17.1hh

Sire:Drayhorse Fallen Oak

Dam: Sutton Forest Primrose

Hi there. I’m Ed, that’s short for Edmund (definitely not Edward). I am only a young horse, (nearly 5!) But I have already seen and learnt lots of things.

You can see in my pictures that I can pull the cart, I can carry a rider too. But, something I have learnt, which is very important…. Food!! Most of the other horses like to be out in the field with their friends, which is very fun! But, even better is staying in the stable, with all the hay I can eat, and if I’m good the “girl who feeds us” bring me a HUGE bucket filled with yummy food! And to top it all off I get to wear a lovely warm rug, then sleep all day! Life doesn’t get much better than this!

All I have to do is meet our visitors and give them rides in the cart. Which I love! Everybody pats me and tells me I’m beautiful. 

Last year I had a very special visitor in the cart, and she even had a go driving me. Her name was Camilla and apparently shes a Royal person in the human world. All I know is she was very kind to me and fed me a polo!