Dyfed Merlin

Name: Merlin

Born: May 21st 2018

Sex: Colt

Height: 18hh (est adult height)

Sire: Acle Timelord

Dam: Middlemeadow Beauty

Hello! My name is Merlin. I am nearly one year old

When I was a baby, a special lady called Camilla came to visit and she picked my name. 

My best friend is Morgana, she can be mean sometimes but she is still younger and smaller than me, so that makes me the boss, right?

When I was 6 months old my mummy, Beauty, died very suddenly. One minute she was fine, the next she had twisted gut and the vet told me I had to say goodbye. I was very lucky to have Beauty as my mummy, and also lucky to have Willa-Rose as my auntie and Morgana to keep me company and play with me so I don’t miss mummy too much.

The humans say, they are glad to still have me as I can continue Beautys’ line by maybe having babies of my own in the future!