Dyfed Morgana LaFey

Name: Morgana

Born: 27th June 2018

Sex: Filly

Height: est 18.1hh

Sire: Metheringham Upton Sidney

Dam: Dyfed Willa Rose

My name is Morgana.

I was born on the farm and had a very difficult start. I was born 2 weeks premature and arrived unexpectedly, I didn’t get the important first milk and became very ill. So did my mum, we both nearly died in that first week. But, with the help of all the yard staff, family, friends and vets, we are both happy and healthy!

Apparently I’m the first 6th generation horse from the original bloodline on the farm. That basically makes me royalty! It also means it is very important that I continue that bloodline, once I’m old enough of course and I will have to find a perfect Prince. Although, I have heard a rumour that prince may be Merlin… Yuk!