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A Royal Visit

A Busy Royal day

As you may have heard on Social media, or even in the news, us Shire horses had a very important Royal Visit this week. I knew something was going on, for the last few weeks the two-legged servants have been very busy doing stuff. I’m not entirely sure what the ‘stuff’ was, but they looked busy. I saw lots of cleaning, painting, things being fixed, new flower pots and lots of other things going on. All these humans helping out on the farm, yet no extra pats or treats for me! Over last weekend things kept getting busier and busier and lots of humans were coming in and out the farm. It’s never normally like this.

July 3rd 2018 arrives

The other horses and I were brought into our stables, which had extra hay and straw (Woohoo!) And the GWFU(Girl Who Feeds Us) pointed in my nose and said very sternly “Make a mess, Make a fuss or Misbehave today and you will live to regret it!” Then she smiled, kissed my muzzle and she was off, rushing away again to look busy. I thought at this moment, something must be happening. For the GWFU to tell me to behave like that it must be something really important. Maybe we were going to a show? No, I didn’t have my bath. Maybe a new horse arriving? Nope, can’t be that either… Never mind, I thought, I’ll have a quick nap after breakfast and no doubt I’ll soon find out.

Throughout the day we had lots of visitors popping their heads in to see me. They were all dressed very smart, lots of summer dresses and hats, lots of clean shoes and ties. Then around lunchtime (I know it was lunchtime, my belly was starting to rumble) we could hear something strange, like a huge warble fly. I’ve heard it before but never this loud or close! I have since been told it’s called a ‘Whirly-bird’ and it landed in one of the fields.

A funny, purple Whirly-bird


The Prince of Surprise

Out of the Whirly-bird came a couple of humans, one was a Prince and the other a Duchess. Looks like they will fit right in, here with me, as I am Lord Edmund after all. But, as it turns out the Prince was not supposed to be visiting the farm. The Duchess was to be dropped off for a visit with us while the Prince continued to his next important engagement. The Prince said “I would like to meet a couple of the horses before moving on” So, he did.

What a nice surprise for us all! Imagine that, we all got to meet (and be fed Polo’s) by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and his wife Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall.

Roo and Pansy with the GWFU and TRH’s Camilla and Charles.
Bonus enjoying a Polo from HRH Camilla
Santes with HRH Camilla







Celebrating Name-day

While the 2-legged servants had all their friends, family and colleagues on the farm, they asked the Duchess to officially name Beautys foal. A horses Name-day is always very special, their name will stick with them for the rest of their lives. So any name chosen has to be a good one, generally a name should be chosen to suit the horse. Is he strong, or powerful? Is she nervous or independent? A name helps us to know who you are. The Duchess said she was honoured to choose a name. So, she unveiled a plaque on the stable wall, to commemorate her visit and the chosen name, ‘Dyfed Merlin’. The name suits him well!

The commemorative plaque


My Time to Shine

Eventually the commotion made it’s way down to the barn where I was waiting (saved the best for last) and I put my best hoof forward. The GWFU harnessed me up, she hitched me up to the cart, while the GWBM (Girl who brushes me) held me very still. She kept whispering”Don’t move Eddie, don’t you move”. I think this was while the Duchess was making her way into the Cart. I could sense her there, she was very excited and relaxed. Not like the GWFU who was so nervous I could feel her squeezing the reins a little tighter than normal. So, I did what any good horse would do. I was amazing. I puffed my chest, swished my mane and tail and we made our way onto the yard.

There was around 180 people, all stood watching me! There was so much to look at, and so much to hear. I heard cheering and clapping, and through the middle of it all was the sound of ‘Clip-Clop’ from my shoes.

We went from the yard up to The Paddocks, where there was even more people, all with cameras and stuff. So, again, I puffed up my chest and strutted my stuff. Around we went past the Hereford cattle up to the far end of the field. The Duchess and the GWFU were chatting away about a Pony called Monkey who HRH used to drive and his name suited him as he was always naughty (nothing like me!)

Little piece of Limelight

Then, it happened. The GWFU offered my reins to the Duchess, who was thrilled to take control! And she was very nice to me, I could tell she had lots of driving experience and she wasn’t nervous at all! We walked passed Roo and Pansy, then passed Willa Rose. I made sure to pull faces at them all to make them jealous. We went past all the men with their cameras (I hope they got my good side) Then we kept going, back to the yard and into the cheering and clapping crowds. I was in my element, I loved every second. But, it was all over in a flash, we very quickly got back to the barn, the Duchess dismounted and came to give me a pat and a Polo (best bit) she said a kind thank you to me and the Girls and then she was gone! Off to buy her grandchildren a gift from the shop, and then away in her car to the next appointment.

What a whirlwind of a day!




Lord Edmund

Hi there. I’m Ed, you can call me Eddie if you like. I am only a young horse, (nearly 5) But I have already seen and learnt lots of things.

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