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Back on track

Getting back on track

Summer is always a very busy time for us all on the Farm. Horses and two-legged servants all playing their part in meeting, greeting and entertaining our visitors. We also know how important it is to keep our social media followers in the loop about recent goings on. Well, you can blame the two-legged servants for my silence on the air!! They have been making some excuse about broken laptops, and computer screens going ka-put. Whatever that means. So, within 2 weeks, all the Farms IT had fallen to pieces and we have been stuck ever since with the very bare essentials to keep a busy tourist attraction running during our most busy of seasons. But, fear not! A new laptop has finally appeared and I can finally update you on what can only be described as a record breaking year.

Where to begin

So the summer holidays are over and the Farm has returned to being reasonably quiet again. But, the MWPB (Man Who Pays the Bills) seems happy, this year was the Farms 25th Anniversary and we have beaten our previous record for numbers of visitors. This is great, not only are my fans following and reading about me online, it means they’re also coming to meet me in person! Fame and stardom here I come…

Beauty and Merlin have also been doing their part off the farm, by visiting and competing at a few local shows. So far Merlin is undefeated and has collected quite a goldrush of red rosettes. He must be taking after me, a Champion in the making.

My buddy Alpha (aka Alfie) had something exciting happen to him, although when he tried to explain what happened I didn’t really understand what he was talking about. But the end result is clear: Bonus is pregnant and Alpha may be in love with an older lady.

Willa Rose and her daughter Morgana are both doing great and have even been out to a couple of shows, Morgana is quickly catching up in size to Merlin!

One of the lads, Roo, has gone on an adventure this summer. He has been given an important task at a riding stables. Now he has been trained to be ridden the GWFU thought he needed to get some experience, so off he went and so far so good!

As some of our visitors have already seen we have a new kid on the block, called Freddie. He is just 1 year old. And he’s kind of a wimp! I guess that’s okay, I’ll take him under my wing and show him how to be the boss.

Our lovely Pansy has been a bit ill again this summer, and after finding out she has something called heart arrhythmia we have all been worried and telling her she will be fine. The evil needle humans (aka vets) have been trying to find ways of making her better. But, other than extremely expensive and invasive surgery there is nothing they can really do. Thankfully, our GWFU is too stubborn to let Pansy go and has been trying other methods to make Pansy better. I think I will do another blog post about that subject as it’s quite interesting.

Too much information

There is so much to catch up on, lots of big things and a few little things. But, there is way too much to squeeze all into one big post so I will just leave with a promise of much more regular updates so all my favourite humans can see what us Shire horses have been up to on the Farm!

Bella thinks our visitors have some pretty funny jokes
Morgana meets another foal, who is 2 weeks older than she is!
Merlin takes a well deserved nap

Lord Edmund

Hi there. I’m Ed, you can call me Eddie if you like. I am only a young horse, (nearly 5) But I have already seen and learnt lots of things.

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  1. Love your blogs and seeing all but how are the two little welsh fillies you rescued? They are so cute and you’d not had them long on our last visit. Would make a great pair pulling a trap or riding ponies. Sending lots of love xxx

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