Dyfed Shire Horse Farm

  • A difficult week - Two weeks early As you probably know Willa Rose was due to have her foal 7th July. Well, on the morning of 27th June during the normal morning stock checks a small, weak little bundle was found by Willa Roses feet. Taking us all by surprise, with 2 weeks to go and having shown no […]
  • A Royal Visit - A Busy Royal day As you may have heard on Social media, or even in the news, us Shire horses had a very important Royal Visit this week. I knew something was going on, for the last few weeks the two-legged servants have been very busy doing stuff. I’m not entirely sure what the ‘stuff’ […]
  • Catching up with old friends - An update from old friends I have recently spent some time on this wonderful thing called Skype. It meant that I could talk to my old friends Joe & JR. You may remember them from the farm in previous years, JR was born here (his sister is Santes and daughter is Willa Rose) and the […]
  • Everybody loves a Shire foal - Everybody loves babies. Me? Not so much It’s been a while since I last updated, but as you may have heard we have a new addition in the form of a Shire foal. So with all the excitement, plus we had half term and I was super busy everyday pulling our visitors in the cart, […]
  • May Birthdays - All the best are born in May That’s right, you heard it direct from the horses mouth. All the best horses are born in May. That includes yours truly! My birthday, as you may have seen on Facebook and Instagram, was on the 8th May. I had a fab day, it started with an extra […]
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