Dyfed Shire Horse Farm

  • May Birthdays - All the best are born in May That’s right, you heard it direct from the horses mouth. All the best horses are born in May. That includes yours truly! My birthday, as you may have seen on Facebook and Instagram, was on the 8th May. I had a fab day, it started with an extra […]
  • Barley Saturday - Barley Saturday It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in West Wales, the perfect day to gush over how amazing my little brother Alfie is. Yesterday, was Barley Saturday. A local show and parade for stallions and vintage tractors, it is a big day. It can be very scary, with all the noise, horses and people, […]
  • Foal Watch - Into Foal Watch All us Shires are restless today. There is an excitement spreading over the farm as the ‘Girl Who Feeds Us’ (GWFU) and the ‘Man Who Pays the Bills’ (MWPB) are preparing the Maternity Suite (a large, open barn). They have been cleaning and collecting anything they need for Beauty when she goes […]
  • A Busy Day - I’m in trouble The farm has been open and busy this week. Us horses have been enjoying all the attention we have been getting. The best thing for me is that I’ve been able to give cart rides to all the visitors! Showing off how big and strong I am now. Everybody has been saying […]
  • Joe’s 8th Birthday - Birthday Celebrations Today is 27th March, which means it’s Joe’s birthday. He left the farm a year ago to do great things, to become a fully trained Drumhorse in a Royal Cavalry (we couldn’t be more proud). The problem is, the ‘Girl Who Feeds Us'(GWFU) keeps sighing today and looking a bit down! All us […]
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