Dyfed Shire Horse Farm

  • My new Pen pal- A Pen pal I don’t believe it! I’ve got fan mail. Back in the summer we had lots of visitors, two-legged and doggos alike. We must have made a good impression as Bonus and I have received letters from one of our new friends. An English Setter called Magna! The two-legs sponsored us, so they […]
  • Back on track- Getting back on track Summer is always a very busy time for us all on the Farm. Horses and two-legged servants all playing their part in meeting, greeting and entertaining our visitors. We also know how important it is to keep our social media followers in the loop about recent goings on. Well, you can […]
  • My big day- Welcome followers, I have a special blog update today, which includes a Guest Writer! My protégé Merlin has written a short description of his day out to the Royal Welsh. Day out Hi, my name is Merlin, I am just 9 weeks old. The other day I went with mummy into a big scary monster […]
  • Getting ready- Getting Ready We’ve spent all week getting ready for today, the first day of summer opening. The GWFU has been running around like a lunatic as usual fussing over anything and everything. But, she’s forgetting one important thing; My breakfast! But that’s OK, because I am getting lots of fuss and cuddles from all the […]
  • A difficult week- Two weeks early As you probably know Willa Rose was due to have her foal 7th July. Well, on the morning of 27th June during the normal morning stock checks a small, weak little bundle was found by Willa Roses feet. Taking us all by surprise, with 2 weeks to go and having shown no […]
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