Dyfed Shire Horse Farm

Even more new Kids on the Block

George and Charlotte

There has been whispers on the farm of two very small new arrivals, but not babies! We have been hearing some unknown mooing. It wasn’t coming from the Hereford Cattle, so there must be some new cows. But, they have been hidden away from the rest of us in a barn. The ‘Girl Who Feeds Us’ (GWFU) says they are very small and need feeding up and handling a little before letting them run loose with the rest of us Hooligans. But, she did say I could share this picture of the two new cows, Georgeous George and Charlotte.

Charlotte (left) and Georgeous George (right)


I don’t think they will even reach my knees, they’re so little! They really are Mini-Cows, maybe they’ll grow a bit more. They came from a local farm, which kept Jersey Cows. But, these two just didn’t fit in! Being half the size of all the others. So, they have been brought to the Dyfed Shire Horse Farm to be pets and to enjoy the company of all our favourite two-legged personal servants.

Horned Beasts

I do hope they keep their horns to themselves, they look a bit pointy to me! The last thing we need is the GWFU to get hurt. Who would feed me carrots then? I can’t bear to think about it, so this is my warning to those Horned Beasts “Behave! Or you’ll have Lord Edmund to deal with”

Lord Edmund

Hi there. I’m Ed, you can call me Eddie if you like. I am only a young horse, (nearly 5) But I have already seen and learnt lots of things.

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