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All us Shires are restless today. There is an excitement spreading over the farm as the ‘Girl Who Feeds Us’ (GWFU) and the ‘Man Who Pays the Bills’ (MWPB) are preparing the Maternity Suite (a large, open barn). They have been cleaning and collecting anything they need for Beauty when she goes into labour. Because, that’s right, she is just 2 weeks away from her due date! So, we can expect signs of birthing at any time. She could also be 2 weeks late, but lets not think about that. Having new foals on the farm is so rare. I’ve never seen a new baby shire, so I have been doing some research. By using The Google machine I’ve been learning all about pregnancy, labour and what to expect once the foal is born. I think I could be a Horse Midwife, but everytime I try to give Beauty some advice she just bites me and tells me to leave her and her swollen fetlocks alone! I think somebody is letting the hormones get the best of her…

Some useful points to remember


What could be…

With all the excitement we have all been discussing what the new foal may be like. Will it be a colt or a filly? Will it be black like its mum? Or maybe Bay like Dad? One thing we can all agree on, we want both foal and Beauty to be healthy and happy together! There has been some arguments between Pansy and Bonus over who gets to babysit first. But little do they know, Uncle Eddie will be the foal’s favourite horse to play with!


Lord Edmund

Hi there. I’m Ed, you can call me Eddie if you like. I am only a young horse, (nearly 5) But I have already seen and learnt lots of things.

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