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Getting ready

Getting Ready

We’ve spent all week getting ready for today, the first day of summer opening. The GWFU has been running around like a lunatic as usual fussing over anything and everything. But, she’s forgetting one important thing; My breakfast! But that’s OK, because I am getting lots of fuss and cuddles from all the lovely visitors and kids that have come to see me today. My favourite visitors are the doggos and puppers, I love snorting at them to show them who’s the boss on the farm, sometimes they lick my nose and we become friends. The farm is now open every day for the summer holidays and us horses can’t wait to make even more friends.

Big Show

On top of all the excitement, the GWFU is running up and down the yard trying to get Beauty and her baby Merlin to trot. They obviously don’t want any part in her plans. I have heard from the gossiping ponies, they have been chosen to go to a big show that everyone keeps going on about. The two-legged servants call it the Royal Welsh. The GWFU seems to think that Merlin and Beauty need more training, but I know that they will do just fine. Merlin is very well behaved for just 9 weeks, but he’s been watching the master (me) at work and has seen how it’s done.

Merlin and Beauty listening to important instructions


I also made a new friend, a two-legged servant called Amy who came with a big camera to film Beauty and Merlin for the Royal Welsh BBC highlights. Beauty decided being a TV superstar is not in her future and spent the whole time being very naughty! What a wasted opportunity! Not like me, I know how to work those cameras. But, it looks like Merlin had the right idea. He did exactly what I taught him, stand very still and pull funny faces. He even stuck his nose right into the camera. I hope he gets to be on TV, I’ll be so proud of my new protege.

Subscribing problems

I have noticed lots of new subscribers and lots who have had some problems with the email subscriptions. I have the two-legged servants working as hard as they can to find the problem, but until it’s solved you can send your email to info@dyfed-shires.co.uk and I will make sure the GWFU adds you to the subscription list!

Lord Edmund

Hi there. I’m Ed, you can call me Eddie if you like. I am only a young horse, (nearly 5) But I have already seen and learnt lots of things.

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