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My big day

Welcome followers, I have a special blog update today, which includes a Guest Writer! My protégé Merlin has written a short description of his day out to the Royal Welsh.

Day out

Hi, my name is Merlin, I am just 9 weeks old. The other day I went with mummy into a big scary monster that the GWFU called a ‘lorry’. Some time later, when it was really dark the monster spat us out and I didn’t know where we were. It was scary. I followed my mummy and was rushed quickly into a stable. There was lots of horses I didn’t know but mummy seemed to be happy, so I had a nap.

When the big yellow ball in the sky came out again I had my morning milk and made sure to wipe my milky moustache on mummy’s clean coat. Then we were taken outside, and I saw a pretty white pony who I really wanted to go make friends with but the GWFU kept pulling me back and throwing a wet sponge on me and kept saying something about “disgusting foal laying in pee all night”. Then we went back inside and I slept some more. When I woke up my mummy had very pretty plaits in her mane and tail and she told me to be a good boy!

Strange man

The big loud voice said “Shires to the collecting ring please” and me and mummy followed a long line of other shires who were there. But I didn’t know any of them. Some were dressed in shiny harness, others just had plaits like mummy. But she was obviously the prettiest, which I told her. There was lots and lots and lots of horses and two-legged servants to look at, it was so exciting. I even saw a butterfly, which I wanted to chase but the GWFU kept me close by. Some time later, me and mummy went into a big field with even more horses and ponies in, all being run around. And even more two-legged servants making lots of noise and shouting happy sounds, it was too much to take in so I hid behind mummy. She walked me over to a man I didn’t know, and I was scared of him. He made me walk around, and looked at me all over. He even tried to grab my legs, how rude! But before I knew it he gave me a pat told me I was a good boy and gave me a big red round thing which moved in the wind, I tried to bite it but the GWFU said I had to look after my first ever rosette.

Big field of animals

A few hours later, after some milk and a nap, we went outside again and followed a really big line of horses back into the really big field. There was cows and sheep and ponies of every size. Even ponies with riders, there was so much to see! Then they all started to walk past a big hill of people that were cheering, it was very scary but I was excited too. Before long me and mummy followed the line and it was our turn to walk in front of the big crowd. Mummy was calm and walking quite fast with the GWFU and I had the MWPB (man who pays the bills) leading me, he thought I was having such a good time that he would cheer me on even more and I got very bouncy and too excited. Just as we were right in front of the crowd the MWPB had made me so excited to the point where I couldn’t hold it anymore and so up I bounced and out went my legs! *Thwack* oops, I might have got him! I didn’t mean it, but I just got bouncy and having fun and my back feet hit his legs. But it made the crowd go “oooohhhh” so I thought I’d done a good thing and tried to show off and do it again. But the MWPB said “you were close enough to my crown jewels the first time, let’s not try again” so he made me calm down and before I knew it, it was over.

Home time

We had to climb in the big monster lorry again and there was a long time but we finally got home later. I got taken to my field and let loose. I hope I get to do all that again soon, I had fun.

Me and my prize

Lord Edmund

Hi there. I’m Ed, you can call me Eddie if you like. I am only a young horse, (nearly 5) But I have already seen and learnt lots of things.

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  1. Well done beautiful and Mummy we have met you and love you and all the other horses/ponies ect!
    See you soon


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