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My new Pen pal

A Pen pal

I don’t believe it! I’ve got fan mail. Back in the summer we had lots of visitors, two-legged and doggos alike. We must have made a good impression as Bonus and I have received letters from one of our new friends. An English Setter called Magna! The two-legs sponsored us, so they can get regular updates. And Magna wrote us back to say how happy it made the two-legs to read about me and Bonus! So, I must take full advantage of my ‘Social Media fame’ to reply to a fan!

A message from Bonus

I am so grateful for all the congratulations on my pregnancy, and I am taking a well deserved rest, whilst still demanding the extra care and attention I obviously deserve. Everybody knows that gate-kicking is the most effective way of getting what you want, and it interests me to hear that dogs have an equal ability to make lots of noise with their barks and annoy those two-legs servants (keep up the good work, Magna) Also, in reply to your letter, I do enjoy Christmas but as a devout herbivore I’m not sure why you would want Turkey leftovers, the carrots will do me just fine! And for all those who sponsor me, keep an eye out for this years Christmas cards, and we hope to see you all in the new year.

Ed’s message

I can’t say how happy it made me to get a letter in reply to my sponsor update, but I know it made me very happy to know you enjoyed what I wrote. I most certainly had a lot to update on! It’s also nice to have feedback on my carriage rides, this was my first summer of work so always good to hear what people think. And, Magna, I may look really big and scary, but I’m very gentle and love a good scratch and cuddle. Which I hear is also popular among doggos. I have to say I miss the summer already, we are all excited for next year. To meet more fans, to meet Bonus’ new baby, and to see what new things may come in 2019!

Lord Edmund

Hi there. I’m Ed, you can call me Eddie if you like. I am only a young horse, (nearly 5) But I have already seen and learnt lots of things.

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