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Spring fever

It’s March at last, that means Spring is here. We’ve had some warm sunny days and we still have cold, rainy days. But, I can definitely feel a bit of a ‘boing’ in my step. The GWFU says it’s called Spring Fever. She says all us horses turn into “Little Sh**s” this time of year. Whatever that means!

In fact, she has compared walking with Alpha to flying a kite. He does spend more time with his feet in the air than on the floor and she has to hold on tight otherwise they’d both fly away. We all get a little excited in spring, it gets warmer and sunnier. Most importantly, the grass starts to grow! It is so green, it tastes so sweet and according to the GWFU is filled to the brim with sugar. After spending all winter eating very boring hay, the sweet green grass of spring is undeniably the best thing in the world. The GWFU would disagree, she says it’s like sending a bunch of kids into a sweet shop and watch them all explode on sugar for the first time.

It’s not just the sugary grass that’s getting us all excited either! We are getting closer to Bonus having her foal (she is getting huge!) and we’ve had a new addition in Bryn. He is half-brother to our mare Santes, he is 4 years old and he is real friendly. When he arrived he was a bit thinner than me, the GWFU says he had a problem with some teeth, but the Dentist has been and sorted him out. Won’t be long until he is as ‘buff’ and ‘ripped’ as me!

New addition Bryn

Lord Edmund

Hi there. I’m Ed, you can call me Eddie if you like. I am only a young horse, (nearly 5) But I have already seen and learnt lots of things.

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