Dyfed Shire Horse Farm


Dyfed St Helena

Name: Santes

Born: 04/07/08

Sex: Mare

Height: 16.2 HH

Sire: Clarach Aristocrat Lad

Dam: Dyfed Countess


Hello, I am Santes. I am little sister to JR and Celt, I am so proud of my big brother and I enjoy watching him on Parade! I like to think that I am just as important as he is! I have been on Parade too! At a local show called Barley Saturday. Also, I am very clever and can pull a carriage, this means I am the centre of attention. Perfect! Especially when I can take part in a wedding and look nearly as beautiful as the bride!

I enjoy working and I always try to be on my best behaviour, but sometimes I like to think I know better than my driver, and we do sometimes disagree!

I’m so looking forward to this summer to get back into work and give lots of cart rides to all our visitors.

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