Meet Our Donkeys!

We may major in Shire Horses, but ever since we first opened in 1992, we have always had donkeys…and they’re multiplying!

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Animals at Dyfed Shires Farm
Animals at Dyfed Shires Farm

The Originals

From our ‘original’ Jack who came to the farm in 1992 as a young man and who is still alive and well in his 30s in 2020 but now in retirement nearby, to ‘Sugar & Spice’, they have always proved popular with our visitors.

In 2014, Mai and Bella joined us as young 2 and 1 year old sisters to keep Jack and Spice company and whilst the boys moved towards retirement, the girls quickly became stars of the show at ‘Donkey Grooming’ time!

Our 2018 Babies!

In 2018, both foaled for the first time to give us or first EVER baby donkeys on the farm!

Mai delivered gorgeous Gwen on the 4th July and exactly two weeks later, Bella delivered cute Enya on the 18th July. Sharing the same father, Cardigan based Jasper, both are half-siblings and half-cousins to each other!

Our 2020 Babies!

In 2020, it was Bella’s turn to foal first, delivering little Eli on the 11th June – named in memory of our late Aunt Elinor Lewis who shared his birthday. Eli is a full sibling to Enya!

Mai then delivered to us our first ever Skewbald a week later on the 18th June! Sharing his birthday with world famous rugby referee Nigel Owens, we named him Owen to match him up with his full sibling sister Gwen!

Ianog Prefix

Our Eglwyswrw born donkeys have been registered with the Donkey Breed Society with the ‘Ianog’ prefix after the name of our nearby family farm Mirianog – it is the prefix that our late patriarch J.R. Lewis used for his registered mountain ponies in the 1960s and 1970s. The prefix has been dormant for over 40 years but now returns to use with our donkeys!