Dyfed Shire Horse Farm


Dyfed Willa Rose

Name: Willa Rose

Born: 10/05/13

Sex: Mare

Height: est. 18.2 HH

Sire: Dyfed JR

Dam: Metheringham Upton Pansy

Hi, I‘m Willa Rose. I will be turning 5 this year, which means I am definitely no longer the baby on the farm. In fact, I am due to have my own baby this year.

My due date is July 1st.

I’m so nervous and so excited! I’ve been told that I am ENORMOUS… how rude!

I’ll show them though, I can still gallop around and roll in muddy puddles, well, the rolling is a bit more difficult now I’m so round in the middle!

I do hope everything goes to plan, so you can all meet my new baby this summer.

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