Dyfed Shire Horse Farm


Cotebrook Dark Lady

Name: Bonus

Born: 04/04/02

Sex: Mare

Height: 17.2 HH

Sire:Rookhills Black Knight

Dam: Sparkland Laura


My name is Bonus and I am the oldest horse here on the Dyfed Shire Horse Farm. This means I am the boss! I know all the tricks to get what I want, kicking a gate is a very easy way of letting everybody know that I am hungry. My main job on the farm is keeping all those pesky young horses under control, usually showing them the bottoms of my feet will teach them a lesson!

But, I am a very sweet natured mare at heart and I love the fuss and attention I get from our lovely visitors.

I’m getting a bit stiff in my advancing years, but I’m still able to do some light work on the farm. Got to keep fit and healthy!!

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